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44.889 games played between June and August 2016

Video training:

  • Although the Fianchetto Variation is not considered the strongest weapon against the Benoni, it is still reputed as being a solid set-up and enjoys a decent reputation. Nicholas Pert shows you one of his own games in which he quickly took over the initiative to win convincingly. In addition, you will also learn a lot about the theory of this variation.
  • The Cozio Variation of the Spanish (...Nge7 and ...g6) has gained huge popularity in recent years. Using the game Haast-Batsiashvili, Adrian Mikhalchishin examines a game where Black refrains from playing an early ...b5 and gets severely punished.
  • Robert Ris shows you a further classic: Fischer-Kholmov, Capablanca-Memorial 1965. However, this time it is not the American setting the tone, rather the Russian Ratmir Kholmov who after accepting a doubled-pawn on e6 follows up with a knight sacrifice on d4 to take the initiative.
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Sep 2016
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