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38.843 (games played between December 2016 and February 2017)
Video training: In some openings incredibly much has to be remembered in order to be able to play them successfully. Adrian Mikhalchishin remembers an old adage from the Soviet school of chess: playable, but not recommended. Accordingly the star Ukrainian trainer advises his protégés against the Marshall Attack in the Ruy Lopez. But what can you do when you have White and your opponent plays the Marshall? The grandmaster also has a remedy for that.
Robert Ris explains for you the classic game Johner-Nimzowitsch (“a positional masterpiece which everyone should know”). From Black’s point of view it is a model game for how blockade positions should be handled.
Yannick Pelletier is happy to be able to present to you some of his best and most interesting games. The Swiss grandmaster has already played and won several games against Magnus Carlsen, but there was only one of these games in which the Norwegian was also the world champion.

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Jan 2017
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