Beat 1.e4 like Karpov - 4...Nd7 in the Caro-Kann

In the 1980s the Petrosian-Smyslov variation 4...Nd7 in the Caro-Kann was extremely popular. Karpov used it in several world championship matches against Kasparov and in countless games in top tournaments. Today Anand, Morozevich, Ivanchuk, and Bologan employ the line regularly. The author has played 4...Nd7 successfully in a lot of games and shows many new, unknown moves, idea and analyses.


Sample video

Caro-Kann Defence

The Caro-Kann Defence is named after the English chess master Horatio Caro (1862–1920) who lived in Berlin and the Austrian player Marcus Kann (1820–1886). However, the move 1...c6 was not particularly popular until the 1920s, when both Jose Raul Capablanca and Aaron Nimzowitsch took up the opening. When, in 1960/61, Botvinnik was looking for a reliable defence for his WCh matches against the feared sacrificial attacks of Mihail Tal, he chose the Caro-Kann. Tigran Petrosian and Anatoly Karpov were two other world champions who adopted 1...c6 in their repertoires.

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