Petroff Defence Powerbase 2020

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The 648 selected annotated games offer excellent material for study. Top players such as Anand (9), Andreikin (1), Bologan (4), Caruana (2), Edouard (2), Firouzja (1), Gelfand (9), Giri (3), Karjakin (1), Kasimdzhanov (1), Nakamura (1), So (1), Svidler (2), Vidit (1) have analysed their games and in addition there are the comments of Petroff experts like Gelfand’s second Huzman (320), Marin (33), Kritz (28) and other high level authors. As a total there are 4821 games in which the ratings average is at least 2520 (apart from games with annotations by Petroff experts such as Anand (for both sides), Yu Yangyi, Jussupow, Gelfand and Fridman).

Sep 2020
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