Petroff Defence Powerbook 2020

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For this first edition of the Petroff Defence Powerbook an Elo average of at least 2400 was the threshold. Thus 11 000 games from Mega and from correspondence chess crossed the entry threshold for the Powerbook, to which were added 260 000 games from the engine room of playchess.com. The Petroff Defence has a reputation of being a rock-solid drawing weapon, which is absolutely justified since purely theoretically White is unable to demonstrate an advantage. However, it is astonishing how often modern proponents of this opening such as Yu Yangyi, Anish Giri or Fabiano Caruana obtain on their boards exciting games full of possibilities which not infrequently end in a win for Black. So, many players with White are searching for promising side variations; this is true both of professionals and amateurs.

Sep 2020
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