Ruy Lopez Powerbook 2018

The Ruy Lopez Powerbook 2018 is a comprehensive special opening book that allows you to check your opening lines and search for promising additions to your repertoire.Once again for the Ruy Lopez Powerbook 2018 we have used exclusively games from the engine room of Playchess. The popularity of the Marshall Attack is as strong as ever. 12.d4 is still the most frequently played move, but a better score can be achieved with 12.d3 – which is precisely the trend we observe in the games of the world elite. The enormous number of 1.8 million Ruy Lopez games, however, allows for reliable statistical analyses in many sub-variations. A must for all Ruy Lopez players!

The Ruy Lopez  Powerbook 2018 is an opening book that you can use with your Fritz or ChessBase program. It does not come with a database - so there are no games included.

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