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Fritz & Chesster has been around for almost 20 years: thousands of children all over the world have learned to play chess with this smart, funny and internationally award-winning program. In an exciting adventure story, children learn all the rules of chess and many tactical motifs, step by step together with Prince Fritz and his cousin Bianca: Where are the pieces? What is stalemate and draw? What does opposition mean? And how does the back-rank mate work? All exercises are integrated into fun games and interactive training modules.

In this unusual chess adventure, children playfully learn everything they need to know for their first game of chess. Those who have acquired enough gumption can in the end compete with Fritz in the grand finale against King Black! Recommended for ages six and up.

In addition to episode one with the basics, two further episodes convey in-depth chess knowledge: "Chess in the Black Castle" and "Chess for Winners" offer many didactically high-quality training modules. Children learn by playing, acquiring extensive chess knowledge and always have having fun.

The series was developed by the authors and graphic designers Jörg Hilbert and Björn Lengwenus. The latter is an award-winning experienced youth chess trainer and school headmaster in Hamburg.

What do you learn with Fritz&Chesster? The curriculum
Teaching contentF&F Part 1F&F Part 2F&F Part 3
Chess rules
Mate & Stalemate
Piece value
Basic position
Chess notation
Tactical basicsF&F Part 1F&F Part 2F&F Part 3
Attacking & protecting
Castling attack
scholar's mate
Mate motifsF&F Part 1F&F Part 2F&F Part 3
Smothered mate
Back rank mate
Damiano mate
Anastasia's Mate
Morphys mate
Endgame manoeuvreF&F Part 1F&F Part 2F&F Part 3
Boxing In (K+R vs. K)
Up the stairs mate (K+R+R vs. K)
Mate with K+N+B vs. K
Pawn Square rule
Key squares
Philidor position/bridge building
Rook pawn
Tactical motifsF&F Part 1F&F Part 2F&F Part 3
The Pin
Discovered check and double check
Fork and Skewer
Removing the defender
AnalysisF&F Part 1F&F Part 2F&F Part 3
The immortal game
Thinking things trough
Game analysis 1
Training gamesF&F Part 1F&F Part 2F&F Part 3
Capture game
Chess-setting high-score game
Positional automaton (endgames)
Ghost Chess
Positional Sense
Ghost Chess
Capture Chess
Giant wheel chess
Blitz Chess
Play chessF&F Part 1F&F Part 2F&F Part 3
Duel against King Black
Friendship game against Fred or King Bunt

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