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Sicilian Accelerated Dragon Powerbase 2022

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The 410 selected annotated games provide excellent study material. Top players such as Magnus Carlsen (1), Adhiban (1), Anand (1), Edouard (3), Gelfand (2); Le Quang Liem (1) and Tiviakov (10) have analysed their games, plus commentaries by experts such as Ilia Tsesarsky (122), Boris Alterman (43) and Victor Mikhalevski (22) as well as other top-class authors. In total there are 4156 games, with a rating average of at least 2500 (excluding games with commentaries and those of the experts Sergei Tiviakov, Rauf Mamedov, Gadir Guseinov and Eduardo Iturrizaga).

Allemand, Anglais
n'importe lequel
déc. 2022
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