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Sicilian Paulsen Powerbook 2022

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The Sicilian Paulsen Powerbook was based on an Elo average of at least 2400. Thus 43,000 games from the Mega and from correspondence chess exceeded the Powerbook's input threshold, plus 426,000 games from the engine room of Schach.de. The different designations - 4...a6 for the Paulsen Variation, 4...Nc6 for Taimanov Variation - in English generally referred to as Kan Variation - do not play a role in this Powerbook, because it is based on games from the complete range B40-B49. Transitions from one range to the other are very frequent and are well represented by the Powerbook.

Système: Windows 7 ou supérieur
Publié:avr. 2022
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