2nd Move Anti-Sicilians Powerbook 2018

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Anti-Sicilian: 2.c3, 2.Nc3, 2.b4, 2.d4 and more!

There is hardly any opening which offers so many possibilities of avoiding the main lines as the Sicilian. The first place is certainly occupied by the solid and yet ambitious 2.c3. Just after in numbers comes 2.Nc3 – loved by theory wonks, but actually not a real challenge for Black. A few moves are very aggressive –  2.b4, 2.d4, 2.f4 – but the risk undergone by the player with White should not be underestimated. Other moves (2.Be2, 2.g3, 2.d3) can perhaps be summed up as follows: the opponent is to be tricked with cunning move orders so that he does not get on the board the positions he is used to.


System: Windows 7 or higher
Published:Aug 2018
Delivery: Download
Level: Any
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