ChessBase Magazine 145

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It seems to be the right time for comebacks. This year Boris Gelfand surprised us by winning the WCh candidates tournament, Judit Polgar and Alexander Morozevich made their return to top chess in impressive fashion. And now it is the turn of Peter Svidler who all of a sudden is proceeding from one success to the next. The previous youth world champion won the FIDE World Cup without conceding a single defeat. Then he and his team from St. Petersburg were successful in the European club championship, the second tournament highlight of this issue. Thanks to a successful tie-break against Ivanchuk, Magnus Carlsen was able to celebrate victory in this year’s Grand-Slam final. This strongest tournament of the year is of course a further theme of this issue. Amongst the star authors on the DVD we have Carlsen, Karjakin, Polgar, Eljanov, Caruana, Gashimov, Volokitin, Vitiugov, Sutovsky etc. In addition to that you will find 12 up-to-the-minute openings articles with extensive analysis and ideas for your repertoire.

German, English
Tournament player Professional
Nov 2011
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