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30.695 games played between October and December 2017. The Open Ruy Lopez will always have its supporters and Adrian Mikhalchishin is convinced of that. The Ukrainian top trainer analyses the game Yu Yangyi-Najer, Moscow 2017. The Russian European champion of 2015 exchanged on d2 early on and obtained a secure position.
For a few years now there has been the nice tradition of choosing the game of the season after the close of the German Bundesliga. For 2016/17 the choice went to Wagner-Nikolic. Georgios Souleidis shows you how the young German player outplayed the experienced grandmaster in an attack on the king.
For a long time The King’s Indian was Bobby Fischer’s favourite opening. At the 1960 Chess Olympiad his Chilean opponent Rene Letelier Martner built up a strong centre. But the young American did not take long to first of all eliminate the central pawns before going on to ensnare his opponent’s uncastled king in a mating net.

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Dec 2017
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