Countering with the Chebanenko Slav

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It has already been the despair of so many players with White, but they cannot prove a clear advantage against the apparent loss of tempo ...a6. Practice has already shown that Black can come back well in the resulting types of position, since his setup is very dynamic and flexible: as well as the obvious ...b5 often ...c5 and ...e5 have proved themselves good plans, since in each case the b5-square is protected. Leonid Kritz has frequently employed this opening with the black pieces and thanks to his analyses for ChessBase Magazine he is in possession of further detailed knowledge. In the 4 videos you will see:
- how, after 5.a4, Black takes advantage of the weakness of the b4-square
- main variation 5.e3 b5
- man variation 5.c5 with Kritz’ recommendation 5...Bf5
- a program for Black after 4.e3 a6 5.Bd3

Tournament player Professional
Oct 2011
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