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Sicilian Sveshnikov Powerbook 2023

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For the new edition of the Sveshnikov Powerbook an Elo average of at least 2400 was specified. Thus 14 000 games from the Mega and Correspondence chess met the entry level for the Powerbook, to which have been added 199 000 games from the engine room of playchess.com. For some years now the Sveshnikov System has had such a good reputation that nothing better has occurred to players with White than to avoid it. The fact that Magnus Carlsen discovered this system for himself and selected it to be the only opening with which he as Black met 1.e4 in the WCh match against Fabiano Caruana further advanced its development. Above all the world champion had outstanding results against the Rossolimo Variation and thus the focus shifted more and more to the original Sveshnikov System. So far White has not been able to manage much on a theoretical level and that makes the search for little, venomous side-lines all the more important and valuable. This Powerbook is excellently suited to this task.

feb. 2023
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