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Sicilian Paulsen Powerbase 2022

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The threshold for inclusion in the database is high - over 2570 Elo points on average. The 724 selected annotated games provide excellent study material. Top players such as Caruana (3 annotated games), Adams (1), Anand (5), Aronian (1), Duda (1), Eljanov (1), Firouzja (2), Giri (2), Jakovenko (1), Karjakin (2), Kasimdzhanov (2) and Vitiugov (2) have analysed their games, plus commentaries by Paulsen experts such as Ribli (343), Kritz (61), Edouard (21) and other top-class authors. There are several world-class Paulsen specialists, all of whom have played the opening with both colours. Fabiano Caruana has played 155 games, 95 of them with Black, Anand has played 139 games, 50 of them with Black. Normunds Miezis (316 games with the black pieces) and Sergei Movsesian (272 games, of which 193 with Black) have far greater numbers. In total there are 7435 games, with a rating average of at least 2570 (excluding games with commentaries and the Paulsen/Taimanov experts Anand, Caruana, Miezis and Movsesian).

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avr. 2022
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