Middlegame Secrets Vol.5 - The Inner Strength of Kings

For a chess player, chess pieces are like special tools in a toolbox. We need to know how best to use them, just as a craftsman knows his tools. We shouldn’t use a screwdriver to hammer in a nail; and we shouldn’t write off the king as a vulnerable creature in need of constant care and protection. Because in this video course, kings will play a different role: a role of strong and active pieces.

Free video sample - Introduction

Free video sample - King march

We will explore how Kings can be helpful in defence and prophylaxis, or even in attack! We will see that they can often take care of themselves, for example by moving from one flank to another. We will also answer the eternal question in many positions: Where should the king be castled?

  • Video running time: 4 h 46 minutes
  • Extra: Training with ChessBase apps – Play-positions against Fritz on various levels

This is what is delivered:

  • Fritztrainer App for Windows and Mac
  • Available as download or on DVD
  • Video course with a running time of approx. 4-8 hrs.
  • Repertoire database: save and integrate Fritztrainer games into your own repertoire (in WebApp Opening or in ChessBase)
  • Interactive exercises with video feedback: the authors present exercises and key positions, the user has to enter the solution. With video feedback (also on mistakes) and further explanations.
  • Sample games as a ChessBase database.
  • New: many Fritztrainer now also available as stream in the ChessBase video portal!

That's what the FritzTrainer App can do for you:

  • Videos can run in the Fritztrainer app or in the ChessBase program with board graphics, notation and a large function bar
  • Analysis engine can be switched on at any time
  • Video pause for manual navigation and analysis in game notation
  • Input of your own variations, engine analysis, with storage in the game
  • Learn variations: view specific lines in the ChessBase WebApp Opening with autoplay, memorize variations and practise transformation (initial position - final position).
  • Active opening training: selected opening positions are transferred to the ChessBase WebApp Fritz-online. In a match against Fritz you test your new knowledge and actively play the new opening.

Even more possibilities: Start FritzTrainer in the ChessBase program!

  • The database with all games and analyses can be opened directly.
  • Games can be easily added to the opening reference.
  • Direct evaluation with game reference, games can be replayed on the analysis board
  • Your own variations are saved and can be added to the own repertoire
  • Replay training
  • LiveBook active
  • All engines installed in ChessBase can be started for the analysis
  • Assisted Analysis
  • Print notation and diagrams (for worksheets)

Sample video


  • Introduction
  • King march
  • King march 1: Movsesian vs Morozevich, Sarajevo 2000
  • King march 2: Tomashevsky vs Ponomariov, Baku 2016
  • King march 3: Xiong vs Kamsky, St.Louis 2017
  • King march 4: Carlsen vs Karjakin, Wch New York 2016
  • King march 5: Topalov vs Jussupow, Dortmund 1997
  • The helper King
  • The helper King 1: Lagno vs Drozdovskij, Poltava 2006
  • The helper King 2: Kramnik vs Shirov, Shanghai 2010
  • The helper King 3: Giri vs Tari, Wijk aan Zee 2021
  • The helper King 4: Giri vs Anton Guijarro, Carlsen Invitational 2021
  • The helper King 5: Van Wely vs Zelcic, Buekfuerdo 1995
  • The helper King 6: Zhigalko vs Hovhannisyan, Yerevan 2016
  • The helper King 7: Kasparov vs Petrosian, Tilburg 1981
  • Miracles with the King
  • Miracles with the King 1: Teichmann vs Consultants, Glasgow 1902
  • Miracles with the King 2: Short vs Timman, Tilburg 1991
  • Miracles with the King 3: Navara vs Wojtaszek, Biel 2015
  • The Art of Castling
  • The Art of Castling 1: Shirov vs Kasparov, Tilburg 1997
  • The Art of Castling 2: Yegiazarian vs Marin, Bucharest 1998
  • The Art of Castling 3: Wei Yi vs Navara, Wijk aan Zee 2016
  • The Art of Castling 4: Vallejo Pons vs Schmittdiel, Bundesliga 2005
  • The Art of Castling 5: Aronian vs So, London 2016
  • The Uncastled King
  • The Uncastled King 1: Timman vs Speelman, Bundesliga 2001
  • The Uncastled King 2: Kamsky vs Karpov, Elista 1996
  • The Uncastled King 3: Liss vs Rechlis, Tel Aviv 1998
  • The Uncastled King 4: Markos vs Pacher, Slovak Team Championship 2017
  • The Uncastled King 5: Tal vs Botvinnik, Moscow 1960
  • Exercises
  • Database
  • Practice Positions
  • Position 1
  • Position 2
  • Position 3
  • Position 4
  • Position 5
  • Position 6
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