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ChessBase 11 - Download

Languages: German, English, Spanish, Italian, French
Level: Any
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Start your personal success story with ChessBase and enjoy your chess even more. Let ChessBase11 show you which variations are really being played nowadays. Find your next opponent’s weak points and exploit the advantage of well targeted preparation. Spice up your repertoire with new tricks and traps.

With ChessBase 11 chess becomes even more fascinating and all the more exciting. In the new ChessBase 11 program the Microsoft Office based interface ensures the key information quickly appears on screen. The new function “Fashionable Variation” kills two birds with one stone: ChessBase 11 shows you which continuation is currently fashionable. Frequently this is not the sequence commonly played until recent, sometimes these new lines kick off very early on. For example, in the Queen’s Gambit, 2…c6 is now clearly the main move and has taken over from the traditional 2…e6. Your opening preparation should not be hampered by studying old or amateur games. For that reason, ChessBase 11 places the latest games between the strongest players at the top of the games list. When you prepare for a specific opponent, you can see at a glance what he is playing at present and when he modified his repertoire. ChessBase 11 offers you access in seconds (DSL) to the ChessBase online database with over 5 million games from the dawn of chess history right up until the latest top tournament. The commentary function “Theoretical Innovation” will rapidly and reliably show you where the players entered new territory and it will also add reference games. And best of all: your database will always remain up-to-date.  

Other innovations in ChessBase 11:

  • Repertoire database completely revised (including automatic saving from existing games)
  • On the last 40 games of a player can be downloaded as a database (as long as the player has activated this function)
  • “Try out” moves. If you hold down the mouse button, ChessBase 11 will show you by means of an arrow the best reply
  • Improved super functions “Opening report” and “Dossier”
  • Generation of e-books for Amazon Kindle and Sony Reader
  • Single click publishing of games on the Internet, even without your own web site
  • Games can be played through directly in the main window via an embedded board without having to open a separate board window
  • More comfortable solution of training questions
  • Layout of Reference search and Online database adjust independently and ergonomically to the screen format

ChessBase 11 – download

  • ChessBase 11 program,
  • ChessBase 11 program, Access to the CB online database (over 5 million games), (access until 31st December 2012)

Chessbase 11 Workshop: Nick Murphy shows you how to handle ChessBase 11 with ease
How to learn the functionality without looking into the manual? Nick Murphy explains how to use the new interface. Just click on the video image to start listening. Alternatively click here to open the video...

More Videos:


Database window

Saving games

Reference database

Online database

Theoretical Weight

Novelty Annotation

Graphical commentary


Chess engine basics

Chess engine Advanced

Goto Fritz

Installing Big/Megadatabase


Install Player Encyclopedia

Search Player encyclopaedia


Opening Report

Database backup

Annotating games


Database Updates


Microsoft Office based interface ensures the key information quickly appears on screen

Games can be played through directly in the main window via an embedded board

The new function “Fashionable Variation”

Piece probability

System requirements. Minimal: Pentium III 1 GHz, 512 MB RAM, Windows 7, Windows Vista, XP (Service Pack 3), DirectX9 Graphics card with 256 MB RAM, DVD-ROM drive, Windows-Media Player 9 and internet connection to activate access to the online database and updates.

Not available

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