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An easy Plan vs. the Stonewall System!

Young, inexperienced players often have problems in closed positions, because in positions where pawn chains dominate, you have to know the plans.So when I was a strong grandmaster, I was always a bit afraid of Stonewall positions in the Dutch System.But one day my friend Aleksander Beliavsky took me aside and showed me a new idea for white: you exchange the bishop on f4 to open the g-line (gxf4) and double the rooks there.Black will defend his weaknesses on this line with all his power.Since White has space advantage, he now transfers his pieces to the other wing and creates new weaknesses - and the opponent is helpless.Beliavsky's brilliant match against Artur Jussupov is a fantastic and instructive example of this great plan.

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Published:Jul 2018
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