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Queen's Gambit Declined Powerbook 2011

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The whole world of the Queen's Gambit Declined in a variation tree: à la Lasker, Capablanca, Tartakower, Ragosin, as Exchange Variation or in the shape of the Cambridge Springs Defence. From the beginnings of chess history until the Candidates' Tournament in Kazan. The Powerbook 2011 contains the knowledge from more than 10.000 high-class master games as well as from about 36.000 engine games played at the chess server If you have any questions on your pet variations in the Queen's Gambit, this is just the place to look!

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Pentium PC, 32 MB RAM, Windows Vista, Windows 7 or XP and Fritz11 or 12, Hiarcs 13,Junior 12, Rybka 4, DVD drive.

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