Sicilian Paulsen Powerbook 2016

The Paulsen Variation of the Sicilian Defence has been gaining in popularoty in recent years, because this dynamic opening is well suited to playing for a win with Black too. It is no wonder that young top players such Caruana and Giri are among those who are driving forward theoretical development in the Paulsen.
In our Powerbook we have brought together all games with the ECO codes B40-B49, i.e. also including the transpositions into the Taimanov System. Added to 62 000 selected master games from both Mega and correspondence chess there 122 000 high class games from the engine room on playchess.com. The number of high level games allows reliable statistical evaluations and many trends can be blithely tested in engine games before they are adopted by the top players.
A must for all Paulsen specialists!

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