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Russian Grandmaster School

It is known that pieces are more difficult to handle than pawns - but sometimes they can help each other, e.g. if it is about conquering a square! But what to do once you have gained control over it? How can the advantage of the new stronghold be exploited? All this and much more is shown on this DVD. Special attention is paid to the technique of piece transfer which helps to coordinate different attacks much more effectively. Treated themes: how to create weaknesses, how to conquer and exploit important squares, the powerful helping pawn, piece transfer to strongholds, coordination in the attack.

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El reproductor de partidas de ChessBase

El reproductor de partidas de ChessBase es muy útil para sacar el máximo de información de las retransmisiones en directo y también de los análisis en las crónicas que publicamos en nuestras páginas web de noticias española, inglesa, alemana, francesa y de ChessBase India. No únicamente sirve para reproducir las partidas de manera muy cómoda, sino también para analizarlas directamente en el reproductor, para cargarlas en el módulo de Fritz, copiarlas a la base de datos o agregarlas a "Mis partidas en la nube". Nuestro compañero Arne Kähler ha preparado un breve tutorial con las posibilidades que hay y también ha grabado un vídeo explicativo (en inglés).
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Did you know that ChessBase offers over 500 products? But what do you start with? Which products are useful for which players? What can the Fritztrainer do? Why do I need a ChessBase account? The new purchase advisor gives you an overview of the most important 8 product groups: a 60-second video as an introduction and whoever wants to know more gets the complete functional descriptions or filters the Fritztrainer according to subject, language, playing level. And under "Openings A-Z" you can search for a specific position in all Fritztrainers with a search board! Try it out now.