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The Leningrad Dutch Defence - A repertoire against 1.d4, 1.c4 and 1.Nf3

The Leningrad Dutch Defence is a dynamic and aggressive opening choice for Black, perfect for players who want to add some adventure and spice to their repertoire. Unlike its relative, the Stonewall Dutch (…f5-e6-d5), the Leningrad Dutch setup (…f5-g6-d6) is more flexible and more risky, having similarities with the double-edged King’s Indian Defence. 

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Chessbase 17: la nueva función de búsqueda

El nuevo ChessBase 17 ya está disponible en nuestra tienda online "Shop". Entre las numerosas nuevas características se encuentra la función de búsqueda completamente renovada. A primera vista, esto puede no parecer muy emocionante, pero lo verá cuando lo haya probado. Albert Silver ha escrito un breve tutorial para explicar las novedades.
New service:

Your Shop Assistant

Did you know that ChessBase offers over 500 products? But what do you start with? Which products are useful for which players? What can the Fritztrainer do? Why do I need a ChessBase account? The new purchase advisor gives you an overview of the most important 8 product groups: a 60-second video as an introduction and whoever wants to know more gets the complete functional descriptions or filters the Fritztrainer according to subject, language, playing level. And under "Openings A-Z" you can search for a specific position in all Fritztrainers with a search board! Try it out now.