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The Modern Benoni is one of the sharpest and most controversial replies to 1 d4. In return for active pieces and a queenside pawn majority, Black voluntarily inherits a position with the clear defect of a weak, backward pawn on d6, a trade-off which invariably leads to razor-sharp play. On this Chessbase DVD, International Master Andrew Martin will teach you all the nuts and bolts of this fascinating opening, shows you when to duck and when to punch with Black and tackles some of the most critical move-orders of the day. The opening is dissected, so that players of all levels will learn how the Black position ticks and the typical ideas that White may adopt to try to put the Benoni out of business. In the final analysis, this is an inspiring tour which will encourage you to try this opening yourself!

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ISBN: 978-3-86681-082-2
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Veröffentlicht:Apr 2008
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