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Fritz 19 & Opening Encyclopaedia 2024

The best combination for opening training: The big ChessBase opening encyclopaedia with thousands of opening articles plus Fritz19 at a special price! This is how modern opening training works: Test the repertoire recommendations from the encyclopaedia directly against Fritz19! Take the practical test in a game against the Fritz19 player types. Or memorise the variations in the Opening app (with Fritz19 you also get a premium account for 6 months): In drill mode, practise the variation until you remember all the moves perfectly!

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Collecting excitement at cards.chessbase.com

Players who earn trophies in Fritz 19 are rewarded with digital collectible cards. These cards cover a variety of chess themes: World Champions, famous players, major tournaments, training materials, chess stamps, chess art, and rating lists. A series on famous chess books is currently in development. What's exciting is that cards can be traded on a market or offered in exchange for ducats.