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Master Class bundle: Alexander Alekhine, José Raúl Capablanca and Anatoly Karpov

Master Class Vol.3: Alexander Alekhine

Alexander Alekhine, the fourth World Champion, played many fantastic attacking games and to this day enjoys the reputation of being an attacking genius. But ever since Alekhine won the World Championship match against Capablanca in Buenos Aires 1927 the chess world could see that the Russian-born Alekhine – who immigrated to France in 1921 – also handled technical positions excellently. But his success against Capablanca was still a surprise because the Cuban was considered to be virtually unbeatable. After winning the World Championship Alekhine reached the peak of his career in the early 1930s winning famous tournaments such as San Remo 1930 and Bled 1931 by a huge margin. Moreover, the World Champion was also a prolific author and in annotating his games gave deep insights to the thinking of a World Champion. Alekhine was one of the best players in the history of chess and treated all phases of the game – opening, middlegame and endgame – in textbook fashion. No wonder a lot of later top class players, not least Garry Kasparov, claimed Alekhine as their role model in chess. On this DVD Grandmasters Dorian Rogozenco, Mihail Marin, Karsten Müller, and International Oliver Reeh present outstanding games, stunning combinations and exemplary endgames by Alexander Alekhine. And they invite you to improve your chess knowledge with the help of video lectures, annotated games and interactive tests. The DVD also contains all known games by Alekhine, most of them annotated. Tables of important tournaments and various articles with background information complete the DVD.

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All ChessBase 15 tutorials at a glance

Vishy Anand was delighted: "ChessBase 15 – awesome!". In recent weeks we have presented the new features and tools of ChessBase 15 in a number of tutorials: the replay training that helps you to improve, the fast reference search that makes opening study easy, the new search mask or the raytracing technique, and other features. Here are all these tutorials at one glance. Read them and see what Vishy Anand means!
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Fritz 16 - Version francaise

Quand prend-on le plus de plaisir aux Échecs? Quand on gagne! Il est loin le temps où l'Homme avait encore une chance de gagner contre la machine. La supériorité du cerveau en silicium a été définitivement scellée en 2006, après la victoire 4-2 de Fritz contre le Champion du Monde de l'époque, Vladimir Kramnik. Dès lors, quel intérêt peut-il encore y avoir à jouer contre la machine? Fritz 16 permet de sortir du marasme: grâce à l'"Analyse assistée" vous recevez, au moment de jouer, de discrets tuyaux graphiques, et les FritzEmoticons dévoilent le sentiment du logiciel par rapport à la position sur l'échiquier. Autant d'outils qui permettent à n'importe quel joueur, même avec des connaissances échiquéennes sommaires, de rendre sa partie contre Fritz plus passionnante, et même de remporter parfois la victoire. À peine la partie terminée, la fonction "Analyse tactique" vous permet de mettre le doigt sur les combinaisons qui vous ont échappé. Vous pouvez aussi utiliser la fonction "Easy Play" pour affûter vos capacités de calcul.