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ChessBase Account Abonnement Premium annuel

Appréciez en direct les moments forts du Championnat du Monde à venir entre Carlsen et Caruana en suivant chaque partie au coup par coup sur le serveur playchess.com en tant que membre Premium. Comment les logiciels d'analyse évaluent la position en cours? Et qu'en disent les Maîtres et experts connectés sur le serveur? De plus, en tant que membre Premium, vous avez accès à toutes les nouvelles applications web de ChessBase, avec entre autres: le portail vidéos, la base de données live avec plus de 8 millions de parties, l'entraîneur tactique avec plus de 50'000 exercices, le Live ou vous pouvez suivre tous les grands - et moins grands - tournois en direct ainsi que nos shows quotidiens d'échecs, etc.

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ChessBase 16 - The search booster in action

Jeroen van den Belt has already explained how the search booster came about and how it works in an interview with Frederic Friedel. But how the high-speed tool will be used in practical tests may still be unclear to some. That is why we have simply opened ChessBase 16, and let the booster work.
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Typical mistakes by 1800-2000 players

GM Nicholas Pert about his DVD: “After the success of my previous DVD Typical mistakes by 1600-1900 players I decided to produce a follow up DVD aimed at players of a slightly higher level. The examples all come from games played by players with a rating between 1800 and 2100. This DVD offers slightly more complex material than the previous DVD, and will hopefully provide an insight into what I believe are the main errors which stop players of this level to be more successful. I divided the material into categories such as “when to exchange pieces”, “how to convert an advantage”, “passive pieces”, “anticipating your opponents plan”, “openings and pawn structure”. Each section contains several examples which illustrate the theme and practical examples which allow the viewer to test his skills. This DVD provides a useful training tool for ambitious players and may highlight mistakes that the viewer should be aware of.”