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Opening Encyclopaedia 2021

La nouvelle Encyclopédie des Ouvertures 2021 est une collection de tous les articles sur les ouvertures parus depuis le début du ChessBase Magazine. Avec plus de 1200 articles, elle couvre toute la gamme des ouvertures. Cet opus recèle d'Un énorme trésor d'idées et d'analyses de haut niveau! Évidemment, par rapport à l'année passée, le nombre d'articles a augmenté. Ainsi 66 nouveaux articles ont été ajoutés, ainsi que 349 nouvelles études. La structure du menu offre un accès confortable à tous les tutoriels et articles. Sous les catégories principales "Parties ouvertes", "Parties semi-ouvertes", "Ouvertures fermées", "Ouvertures semi-fermées", "Ouverture anglaise et Reti" et "Ouvertures de flanc", vous trouverez toutes les recommandations et analyses classées selon les noms des ouvertures.

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How to get the most from ChessBase 16

Everyone knows the situation: you get some impressive new software, work happily with it for a year – and then suddenly discover that it can do way more than you thought. Why not find out straight away what it has to offer. ChessBase 16 has some incredible functions, designed to rapidly improve your playing strength and add to your Elo rating. Let a consummate power user show you how they work.
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Master Class Vol.1 to 13

Learn from the best players in the world! The "MasterClass" series introduces you to the facets of the chess legends. In interactive video format with training feedback! Only this week: Volume 1 to 12 with Fischer, Carlsen, Kasparov, Karpov and many more!

Master Class Vol.1 - Robert James Fischer

No other World Champion was more infamous both inside and outside the chess world than Robert James Fischer. But what were the secrets to his sensational ability, and what enabled him to take on the Soviet school of chess alone – and win? On this DVD, a team of experts presents you every facet of the chess legend, and shows you the winning techniques and strategies employed by the 11th World Champion. Grandmaster Dorian Rogozenco delves into Fischer’s openings, and retraces the development of his repertoire. What variations did Fischer play, and what sources did he use to arm himself against the best Soviet players? Mihail Marin explains Fischer’s particular style and his special strategic talent in annotated games against Spassky, Taimanov and other greats. Karsten Müller is not just a leading international endgame expert, but also a true Fischer connoisseur. His congenial video analysis of Fischer’s legendary endgames can only be found on this DVD! To top it off - you too can unleash tactical combinations like Fischer! German Bundesliga player Oliver Reeh has compiled the World Champion’s best combinations – and now it’s your move. You too can try to find Fischer’s stunning brilliancies by entering your solution on the board and receive video feedback in the new ChessBase media format!

• Video running time: approx. 5 hours (English)
• Interactive tactics test with video feedback
• Collection of every Fischer game, tables, backround knowledge, short biography
• “Fischer powerbook”– the World Champion’s repertoire as an opening tree
• Tactic training: 100 Fischer games with training questions.