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ChessBase Magazine Extra 192

Mihail Marin takes a game Ding Liren vs. Teymour Radjabov from the final of the FIDE World Cup as his starting point for an incisive investigation into the “Flohr-Mikenas System” with Black’s continuation 3…c5. At the age of 14 Praggnanandhaa became world champion in the U18 class. “Pragg” shows one of his games against Iran’s No. 1: Alireza Firouzja (video).

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Most games are decided by tactics and the better you are tactically, the more points you make. The ChessBase Magazine helps you to sharpen and improve your tactical abilities. With a regular tactics column and with interactive games with training tasks. Here's a brief guide on the tools available to help you improve your tactical acumen. | Drawing: ChessBase