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Komodo Chess 14 and Fritz Powerbook 2020

Komodo 14 thinks like no other chess program
Inspired by AlphaZero, two years ago Komodo programmers GM Larry Kaufman and Mark Lefler began to redevelop their engine from the ground up. A good decision, since Komodo 13 was setting new benchmarks not only on the basis of its performance, but also because of an innovative approach with “MCTS” (“Monte Carlo Tree Search”). Komodo 14 continues with that successful concept. In addition to a further improvement in playing strength Komodo 14 offers exciting new functions for the configuration of the engine

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Getting the most out of ChessBase 15: a step-by-step guide #10 – Cloud Databases

One of the biggest computing innovations of the last decade is the advent of "The Cloud". ChessBase has utilised Cloud features into its software with astonishing effect. To help you take full advantage of all that these features have to offer, this week, Nick Murphy takes you step by step through Cloud Databases features of ChessBase 15.